Romania’s new e-Invoice system was presented in 2020 by the Ministry of Finance and the National Financial Administration Agency. As of January 2024 generating invoice in electronic format for B2B transactions is mandatory not only for the suppliers of high-fiscal-risk products but also all types of products. B2G transactions have no product limitation. From the start of 2024 until this deadline, taxpayers will need to send invoices to the e-Factura platform within five days of issue.

What is the timeline?

  1. January 2024: Established taxable persons and VAT-registered entities must submit invoices in the RO e-Factura system within five days of issuance for reporting purposes (e-Reporting).
  2. April 2024: Fines will be applicable to non-compliant taxpayers.
  3. July 2024: The system shifts to a full invoice clearance system that also transmits invoices to Romanian-registered trading parties – similar to the Italian model.

Who is required to adopt e-invoicing?

The following are affected by the legal e-invoicing requirement

  1. Transactions between government bodies (G2G),
  2. Private companies invoicing public authorities (B2G),
  3. Public authorities invoicing private companies (G2B),
  4. Transactions between private companies (B2B)

How can you send e-Invoices?

For this purpose, we have prepared the Request Management Portal, generally shortened to RMP, which allows you to send the issued sales documents online to the tax office without user intervention. RMP automatically downloads the data from the accounting system (f.e. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (Navision), SAP, ...) , processes it into the required format and sends it to the tax office. In the event of a warning or error on the part of the tax office, RMP immediately notifies the responsible user, who will process the situation as necessary. RMP allows the user to continuously check the status of individual documents at any time. In the event of a system failure, unsent documents can be resent automatically. After sending, RMP can notify the user. RMP allows the user to quickly search for documents according to various criteria and find out the status of a given document.

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